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Production Services: Pros to shoot in Spain (III)

Production Spain

Having good production services is important in the development of every film or TV production. Without them the final result wouldn’t be as good as expected. This is one of the biggest advantages of shooting in Spain; therefore a lot of foreign countries take part in international co-productions with Spain.
The Spain Film Commission declares that Spanish film studios are part of the best in Europe; their facilities are modern and they are equipped with the latest technologies, for example soundstages, back lots and water tanks.

Nevertheless good facilities need a good staff to work properly what makes a new reason to shoot in this country. The list of Spanish audiovisual professionals is long and well considered. Furthermore film schools train a great number of future professionals every year. Here, some of the best European professionals represent each discipline, from make up to photography.

Services companies have an excellent fame too because they are accustomed to work with foreign companies not only in films but also in TV and advertising. Besides these pros it should be considered the quality lifestyle of Spain that guarantees safety and comfort during the whole production.

In conclusion, Spain has excellent production services what is basic to have a good screen production.

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