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Production Services in Madrid

With the expansion of the Internet and the proliferation of television channels, as well as film production companies, the production of audiovisual content is experiencing a very important growth. Along with this, more and more brands, companies and organizations are interested in creating audiovisual content for advertising purposes or simply to make themselves known in an increasingly interconnected society.

And all this without forgetting the wide variety of beautiful and interesting spaces and locations that our country offers that make it increasingly attractive to foreign producers to develop their audiovisual productions here in Spain,

Medya Audiovisual provides full production services for TV commercials, feature films, still photo shoots and TV programs. We cover all production needs, from location and casting to postproduction and distribution, from one single camera man to a crew that assist every technical and human needs.

Medya also worked on a wide range of genres, corporate, institutional, promotional, music videos and, of course, commercials and viral spots, in a basis of 15 years of experience. Our knowledge of locations, studios and permission paperwork in Spain provide and exceptional wide-range of possibilities.

Production services in Madrid

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